A Living Lab is a place of innovation for and with users!

  A Living Lab makes it possible to design and develop innovative solutions (products, services, tools, best practices, etc.), placing the end-user at the heart of the innovation process. An innovation process is a mix of steps and actions, which will enable us not only to find new ideas, but mainly to imagine, define, produce and test them! These steps will help ensure that the project meets real needs and lead to concrete and satisfying solutions. In a Living Lab, users are in control. They express their needs, test new products, change and participate in the design of new solutions.  

WeLL (Wallonia e-health Living Lab) is the first Living Lab dedicated to e-health in Wallonia.


New technologies for the benefit of citizens’ well-being


With us, technology is at the service of citizens’ health and well-being. Really!


The WeLL aims to put technology at the service of citizens’ well-being and health professionals. By integrating users at the heart of the reflexion process, we anticipate changes and needs in health matters and ensure a greater appropriation of innovations. Our mission is to promote the emergence, to guide and support innovative projects and to develop new technologies or new uses from what already exists.

In this mission, we stand for: Transparency, boldness and openness.

We pursue a threefold objective: economic development, social and societal innovation and knowledge transfer!


The economic development The Living Lab is a tool for supporting innovative activities. It strengthens the economy by improving products and services, or by creating new ones that meet real needs.


The social and societal innovation: The Living Lab is a way to meet, through technology, the new challenges facing the health sector. It is also a way to answer new problems that are not met by the business world.


The development and knowledge transfer: The Living Lab is a dynamic of exchanges. It brings awareness to the problems encountered in the heath and well-being sector. It is an open door on technologies, on the implications and the changes they can bring. It is a tool to develop and exchange good practices.


How works the WeLL?


The WeLL feeds on projects. Anyone can bring a project in a Living Lab: citizen, user, company whatever its size, organization, innovative concept designer, public institutions, start-up, school or university, etc; big and small projects, products, services, technical, artistic, methodological or awareness projects.

The WeLL works with facilitators. Each Living Lab has its own team of qualified people who will be present throughout the whole process to support projects and promote their implementation. They can also give ideas, start projects or calls for projects. Indeed, the team is the « fuel » that turns the wheel of the Living Lab !

Facilitators! They will use methods and tools. Because bringing ideas, defining concepts and implementing solutions requires expertise, skills and above all, a lot of positive energy. To do this, the facilitators will organise creative workshops, rapid prototyping processes, real environment tests and many events.

Facilitators! They are part of an ecosystem. A group of actors, of companies, of organizations, in short, people who will support the work of the Living Lab by providing skills and resources. The Living Lab is a place of synergies for all stakeholders of a domain.

But for the machine to work properly, it needs users, it need us. By actively participating in the different phases of the process, we are building together tomorrow's innovations. And this is called co-creation: sharing ideas, experiences and skills to create something that we could not have created alone. Something that will really meet our expectations! We are actors and contributors.

The WeLL’s consortium

The WeLL brings together partners from different backgrounds sharing complementary skills at the service of innovation.


WeLL’s partners


They trust us




Our Living Lab is a place for you...


A Living Lab allows you to be in command of innovation. You can create new things, new ways of doing things to improve your life, your job, or more generally, society.

In a Living Lab, you're in command to express your needs, test new products, develop inventions and bring out new ideas.

You are the users. All of you !


Our Living Lab and its team enable you to create together (citizens, patients, seniors and health professionals) concrete and innovative solutions.

We have different partnerships including hospitals, doctors, seniors and patients communities, universities, companies, etc.


Diversity is our asset!


Your opinion matters more than anything else !

  Health and well-being related topics concern us all. We all have ideas, opinions, experiences to share, whether professional or personal. We all have the opportunity to influence the world of tomorrow ! By widely participating in our projects , you will take part in original creative experiences, you will meet people from different backgrounds, you will become a future health actor. Being part of the WeLL community is to be present in workshops to understand and think about the needs, find and test solutions. Keep an eye on our agenda and come experience the WeLL !


The WeLL brings his expertise to companies and organizations who want to better innovate in the health and well-being sector.

  Our users community and WeLL team will help you at different stages of the development of a new solution may it be a product, service, tool, best practices, etc.

Download our brochure WeLL Companies (PDF)

Together, let your project grow!

For whom ?
Businesses, entrepreneurs with a project, hospitals, nursing homes, health and social services, etc.

By integrating future users of your solution, product or service, we can accompany you throughout your project or only on specific steps

  Identify potential new markets

You have identified a need, a malfunction or a subject representing a significant impact on your business or the company. You would like to completely define this need and its context, helped by future users.

  Better design your new products and services

VYou have an idea or a prototype of a new product or service and you want to fine tune it or confront it to end users. You want to better understand their needs and better identify opportunities for innovation. You want to better understand the uses and improve your product or service in order to create more value for the end user.

  Validate and improve your products and services

You have a product or service and you want to confront it to a real environment. You want to test the user experience and identify potential improvements before putting it out on the market. You want to understand the end users feedback in order to optimize your product or service.



We have the skills and we use them!

Our users community and WeLL team will help you at different stages of the development of a new solution may it be a product, service, tool, best practices, etc.

They trust us!


Interested by our services ?

Contact us by e- mail at well@thelabs.be and leave us your details. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project.

Download our brochure WeLL Companies (PDF)